AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins


DuPont™ AmberLite™ 600i


AmberLite™ 600i Inert Resin is a non-functionalized, spherical resin used in mixed beds. Its density and particle size are tightly controlled to have a terminal settling velocity that is intermediate to those of the cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin, creating an inert zone between the functional resins wherein the regenerant is collected. This inert zone reduces the risk of cross-regeneration, improving water quality and rinse time whether it is used in internally- or externally-regenerated mixed bed systems. AmberLite 600i is used in condensate polishing systems for the electrical power generation industry and in other high-purity mixed bed systems.






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AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins


AmberLite™ Ion Exchange Resins are available in a very wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and have been used for decades in a high-value applications including water treatment in industrial and power generation plants.