AmberSep™ Ion Exchange Resins


DuPont™ AmberSep™ 400 SO4


AmberSep™ 400 SO4 Ion Exchange Resin is a gel, strongly basic (Type I) anion exchange resin with superior performance for uranium recovery. Its excellent selectivity for the uranyl sulphate ion over other anions, its high operating capacity, excellent mechanical and physical stability and its resistance to fouling make it the resin of choice. AmberSep 400 SO4 is well suited for recovery of uranium from sulphuric acid leach systems using fixed beds, in situ leaching, fluidized beds, or Resin In Pulp (RIP) applications.






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DuPont™ AmberSep™ 400 SO4


AmberSep™ Ion Exchange Resins are designed to capture uranium or metals in mining and wastewater treatment applications, or for use in other specialized chemical processing applications.