AmberSep™ Ion Exchange Resins


DuPont™ AmberSep™ GT75


AmberSep™ GT75 Chelating Resin is alkyl thiol-functionalized, which provides very pronounced selectivity for certain metal ions such as mercury, rhodium, copper, silver, cadmium, and lead. The special properties of AmberSep GT75 make it useful for problems where removal of metal ions in addition to Hg—such as Cu, Ag, Pb, and Cd—is also desired.






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AmberSep™ Ion Exchange Resins


AmberSep™ Ion Exchange Resins and Polymeric Adsorbents are available in a very wide range of chemical compositions and polymer structures and have been used for decades in a high-value applications including water treatment in industrial and power generation plants, drinking water, food processing, chemical processing, bioprocessing, and pharmaceutical formulations.