DuPont™ B-Free™ Pretreatment


DuPont™ B-Free™ Pretreatment


The DuPont™ B-Free™ pretreatment is a novel vessel-based media technology that efficiently mitigates the effects of biofouling in reverse osmosis (RO) systems, bringing peace-of-mind to customers by ensuring reliable protection of the heart of the desalination plant.

The DuPont™ B-Free™ pretreatment can have a massive impact on the stability of downstream RO operations, slashing the need for membrane and cartridge replacements and unplanned downtime due to cleanings. Ultimately, B-Free™ takes away the trouble and expense associated with biofouling.

For an optimum suspended solids removal and efficiency, ultrafiltration pretreatment is recommended using upstream B-Free™ filtration media. The B-Free™ system enables a compact footprint solution and can be installed in new plants and can also upgrade existing systems. B-Free™ technology can also retrofit existing sand-filter vessels with only minor adjustments.

DuPont multi-tech possibilities enable customers to achieve the full extent of DuPont™ B-Free™ pretreatment benefits supported by exceptional warranties: