FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ BW30-400/34


FilmTec™ BW30-400/34 Elements are ideal for reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with challenging waters and wastewaters and looking for consistent, high performance, long element life and increased productivity.






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FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements can separate salts from water and are produced with an automated fabrication process that ensures precision, consistency, and reliability. They are ideal for use in large-scale industrial and municipal water treatment systems that produce greater than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate. Our RO membranes build on a tradition of leadership in the thin-film composite membrane industry and meet today's challenges for higher rejection using less energy and resisting foulants in challenging waters.