IntegraFlux™ Ultrafiltration Modules


DuPont™ IntegraFlux™ SFP-2860XP


IntegraFlux™ SFP-2860XP Ultrafiltration Modules with their shorter, 60-inch length are suitable for applications with constraints in headspace. Containing XP fiber, with up to 35% higher permeability than previous generation modules, these modules improve operating efficiencies and productivity. IntegraFlux SFP-2860XP Modules are made from high-strength, PVDF hollow fiber membranes engineered to reduce design and fabrication requirements. The fibers have a 0.03-µm pore size for removal of bacteria, viruses, and particulates.






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IntegraFlux™ Ultrafiltration Modules


IntegraFlux™ Ultrafiltration Modules with XP fiber feature a pressure-driven membrane separation process that separates particulate matter from solutions. They are powered by high permeability, high mechanical strength, hollow-fiber PVDF membranes that combine excellent performance and industry leading membrane area with low energy and chemical consumption. And now with up to 35% higher permeability than the previous generation, IntegraFlux modules also offer the highest productivity. IntegraFlux UF membranes reject particulates that are 0.03 microns and larger, facilitating high removal capability for bacteria, viruses, colloids, silt and more.