IntegraPac™ Ultrafiltration Skids and Modules


DuPont™ IntegraPac™ IP-77 Module


IntegraPac™ IP-77 Ultrafiltration Modules are used in IntegraPac IP-77 Ultrafiltration Skids. With its direct module coupling resulting in a compact design, these modules are an excellent choice for systems requiring a small footprint. The IntegraPac IP-77 Module offers a high effective membrane area, which contributes to a more economical membrane system design. IntegraPac IP-77 Modules are made from high-strength, PVDF hollow fiber membranes engineered to reduce design and fabrication requirements. The fibers have a 0.03-µm pore size for removal of bacteria, viruses, and particulates.






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IntegraPac™ Ultrafiltration Skids and Modules


IntegraPac™ Skids are pre-engineered, standardized and ready-to-assemble skids that contain  IntegraPac™ Modules. They are modular and scalable, making installation and start-up of ultrafiltration systems convenient and efficient.  IntegraPac Skids can also help maximize productivity in a small footprint.