MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems


MEMCOR® CPII Ultrafiltration System


Industry-leading efficiency in design, installation, operation, and footprint MEMCOR® CP II is a pressurized, pre-engineered membrane system with a modular building-block configuration and ultra-compact footprint. The system provides improved performance, reduced installation costs, and a smaller footprint, lowering the cost of treated water.

MEMCOR CP II is the most recent evolution of MEMCOR technology, and it utilizes the latest PVDF membranes. Technological advancements provide simplified setup, in-place access, and superior filtration performance at less cost.

Product features:

  • Hydraulic efficiency — optimized system hydraulics ensures a more consistent flow variation across the length of the rack
  • Modular design — fully assembled MemRACK™ with integral headers and module housing provides a readily scalable platform
  • Advanced fiber chemistry — L40N UF membrane modules employ the latest highly abrasion resistant MEMCOR PVDF UF fiber
  • Accessible — multiple access points to the modules within the MemRACK enables in place maintenance
  • Easy shipping — MemRACKs fit into standard shipping containers allowing for rapid CP II deployment anywhere in the world





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MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems