MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems


MEMCOR® XP Pressurized Membrane System


Factory Assembled and Easy to Integrate.

The ready-to-run unit minimizes installation costs and maximizes efficiency and reliability. MEMCOR® XP is a self-contained membrane filtration system that uses the most advanced, industry-proven membrane technology. This completely engineered, fully assembled, and factory-tested unit is shipped ready-to-run, minimizing integration, installation, and start-up costs.

MEMCOR XP is ideally suited for small communities and industrial applications where suspended solids removal is critical. Its compact design maximizes efficiency and reliability in producing high quality water.

Product features:

  • Available in simple economy package or with more sophisticated controls
  • Capacity ranges up to 0.5 MGD / 1.9 MLD per unit
  • Completely assembled and factory tested
  • Compact, space saving design
  • Low pressure operation





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MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems