MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems


MEMCOR® XS Submerged Membrane System


The innovative unit provides high quality water, ease of installation and service, and reduced footprint. The MEMCOR® XS Submerged Package Plant Membrane System is pre-engineered and skid-mounted, making it easy to install with minimal connections. The treatment unit includes all the equipment necessary to operate on a single skid.

MEMCOR XS system’s innovative design includes a side door, allowing for easy installation and service of membrane modules and significantly reducing ceiling height requirements. It produces high quality water in a fraction of the footprint required for conventional treatment alternatives.

Product features:

  • Self-contained, skid mounted and factory tested
  • Side module removal for easy accessibly
  • Designed for ease of installation with the ability to expand on skid

MEMCOR XS submerged membrane systems provide:

  • Treated capacity from 120 to 400 gpm (27 to 90 m3/h)
  • Compact footprint: 7'-10" (2.4 m) x 14'-6" (4.4 m)
  • Minimal ceiling height: 9'-0" (2.75 m)
  • Up to five parallel units can be connected, to produce up tp 2 MGD (8 MLD)





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MEMCOR® Ultrafiltration and Membrane Bioreactor Systems