MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor Systems


MemPulse™ Rack Assemblies


MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) membrane filtration systems are made up of one or more MemPulse™ Rack Assemblies (MemRACK™) nylon rack assemblies. These allow up to 24 MemPulse™ MBR Membrane Filtration Modules to be assembled onto a single membrane filtration rack. One or more MemRACK™ assemblies are then installed in a membrane tank.

MemRACK™ design offers a number of significant benefits, including:

  • A building block approach, which helps to minimize plant design, installation and start up time, all while providing expansion capacity and reliable, high-quality filtrate in a compact footprint.
  • Quality moulded components using high strength and chemically resistant glass filled nylon.
  • Only two piping termination points on each MemPulse™ Rack Assembly simplifying installation and removal.
  • An elegant solution for the connection of membrane modules in MBR plants.





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MemPulse™ Membrane Bioreactor Systems