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T-Rack® Rack System


Our "T-Rack®" rack system is a hydrodynamically optimized solution that makes the best use of the available space when installing dizzer® modules.

The T-Rack® design concept offers unparalleled flexibility and helps keep investment and operating costs to a minimum.

The feed and drain pipes are integrated in the end caps of the headers, while the filtrate connections are welded to the module bodies and headers. There are no O-rings, and all the flanges of the header pipes are mounted in the same plane. The modules can be arranged in either two or four rows and each row can be operated as a separate filtration line.

Two versions are available depending on the specific project requirements: the T-Rack® 3.0 which is optimized for large-scale plants or the compact T-Rack® 3.0 S which is designed for low installation height.






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