Apps & Calculators


Water Solutions supports the following applications and calculators for you to use as tools in managing your business. 

DuPont Water Solutions Water App

DuPont WaterApp

Get free access to a broad range of user-friendly digital tools that can help you optimize membrane and resin water plants.

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FilmTec™ Prime RO Replacement Advisor

See how your plant can reduce energy and improve permeate quality with our new FilmTec™ Prime RO brackish water replacement advisor.

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Ft-Norm PRO application.


Don't run your reverse osmosis blindly. Know your system performance anytime from anywhere.

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Display of milk and cheese

DuPont™ Dairy Energy Savings Tool

Explore how using FilmTec™ Hypershell™ provides significant annual savings in your dairy production plant.

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B-Free™ Calculator for biofouling prevention in reverse osmosis systems.

DuPont™ B-Free™ Calculator

Learn how much sustainability value you can get by using B-Free™ technology.

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Desalination application.


The user-friendly solution to optimize membrane cost and carbon footprint in Desalination plants.

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Desal advisor is a part of the Desalination App.

Desal Advisor

Unlock possibilities to optimize your desalination membrane system with DuPont membrane solutions.

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Pretreatment Advisor is a part of the Desalination App.

Pretreatment Advisor

Explore the best pretreatment solution for your Seawater Desalination Plant.

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Invest to Save Calculator is a part of the Desalination App.

Invest to Save Calculator

Use the Invest to Save Calculator to quantify your opex savings.

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Sustainability calculator is a part of the Desalination app.

Sustainability Calculator

Use the Sustainability Calculator to see how Dry Seawater Reverse Osmosis elements reduce CO2 footprint.

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FilmTec™ Eco Elements Calculator

Use FilmTec™ Eco Elements Calculator to transform your plant, from standard to Eco.

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Resin Replacement Calculator

Use the Resin Replacement Calculator to determine if its time to purchase new resins.

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Cost Savings Calculator

Use the closed circuit reverse osmosis (CCRO) cost savings calculator to learn how your plant can save money, increase reliability, and decrease plant downtime.

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