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Solving global water challenges together

Reaching our goals of water-optimization will require partnerships across borders, industries, and sciences. We're here to partner, because the only way we're going to solve these global challenges is together.

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With Economist Impact: Helping Cities Plan for Water-Optimized Futures

The inaugural City Water-Optimization Index, sponsored by DuPont, measures how well cities around the world are safeguarding the reliability, accessibility, and sustainability of water resources. The Index can serve as a measurement tool for city leaders, policymakers, and regulators to make resource, investment and policy decisions toward increased access to safe, affordable, and reliable water.

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With Water Resiliency Coalition & CEO Water Mandate: Collectively Acting to Protect Watersheds
With Brave Blue World: Painting an Optimistic and Achievable Water Future
With PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency: Using CCRO To Reduce Energy Requirements of Desalination by 15%
With the Anglican Water Triple Carbon Reduction Project: Demonstrating a More Sustainable Way to Treat Wastewater
With 1000’s of Water Operators: Developing our Global Water Professionals
With TED@DuPont: Sharing a Circular Plan to Keep Salt Out of Rivers
With Penn State University: Researching if Membrane Density Can Maximize Production of Clean Water
With Waterise: Collaborating Toward Sustainable Subsea Desalination
With Coca-Cola: Providing Clean Drinking Water for Hanoi
With charity: water: Supporting COVID-19 Relief in Vulnerable Communities
With Kusini Water and the US Embassy in South Africa: Donating technology and expertise to community-based purification project at Reneilwe Primary School in South Africa
With Vulcan Energy: Minimizing the Water and Carbon Footprint of Extracting Lithium
With the Australian and Cambodian Water Associations: Increasing Access to Safe Drinking Waters
With Tan A Dai Thanh: Purifying Water in Vietnam’s COVID-19 Treatment Hospitals
With the Australian Water Association: Supplying emergency drinking water system to flood-affected Vietnam
Additional Collaboration Case Studies
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