Our Why


We're changing the way we think about water

A basic necessity, a human right, a precious resource, a powerful force. Today, water is both revered and taken for granted. In order to address water scarcity, we must first change the way we think about water. We have to become more like water– circular, adaptable, relentless.

Opportunities exist across urban, rural and industrial settings to mitigate the impact of climate change on our global water supply and enable people, industry, and the environment to thrive.

Collaborating for a water-optimized world

Our Vision

We envision a future where the world's 7.8 billion people have access to safe, clean water; where makers and producers have the necessary water to make the products, food, and energy on which we rely; and together we optimize the circular nature of water in a sustainable, equitable way.

Water can be


Emerging technologies, decentralized systems, and renewable energy sources make it possible for any water source to make high-quality water available locally, reducing cost and dependency.

Water can be


Energy advances have made water recycling and desalination affordable options around the world.

Water can be


Advances in desalination and reverse osmosis are expanding our water sources from wells and mountain springs to seawater and waste.  Likewise, innovative distribution systems are delivering water that is "fit for use" thereby reducing waste.

Water can be


Advanced technology and automation, including real-time monitors, are streamlining water treatment and distribution systems, instantly detecting leaks and contaminants.

Water can be


Because water is renewable, the possibilities are infinite rather than finite.

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