DuPont Global Water Technology Center, Tarragona, Spain

A unique research facility with global customer collaboration.


The DuPont Global Water Technology Center validates solutions and technologies to address global water challenges.

Inaugurated in June 2011, the Global Water Technology Center located in Tarragona, Spain offers a best-in-class industrial scale of assets supporting product innovations across seven market segments. With assets processing more than 10,000 m3/day and access to three different water sources, 40 testing units, and 150 separation component test positions, the possibilites are endless. 




The Global Water Technology Center accelerates product launches, boasting more than 20 product launches since 2011. With manufacturing collaborations, the time to launch a product is 10 times faster.


Innovative solutions for existing and new applications help to enhance the R&D pipeline. The center has more than 30 external cooperations and more than $8 million USD in public funding.


With more than 3,000 customer visits, the Global Water Technology Center supports 150 customer projects per year in addition to work on internal R&D.


Awards & Milestones


The Global Water Technology Center opens in Tarragona, Spain, providing a dedicated space for testing advanced multi-tech solutions in a real-world environment. 


DuPont Water Solutions was awarded Spain National Champion prize at the European Business Awards.


DuPont participation in the DEMOWARE initiative was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Industry Technology and Innovation by the IDA Association. 


The Global Water Technology Center received an Excellence in Science Award with the project “Tackling Organic and Biofouling in Reverse Osmosis Membranes."


Minimal liquid discharge (MLD), a pioneering cost-effective and sustainable alternative approach to zero liquid discharge (ZLD), is recognized at the International Desalination Association Awards. 


OxyMem™ MABR wins the Water and Energy Exchange (WEX) Global Innovation in Process Technology Award.


The Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis system (CCRO-8 and CCRO-2.5) arrived to Tarragona. 


DuPont wins Water Technology Company of the Year at the Global Water Awards in recognition of ongoing commitment to innovation in sustainable solutions for complex global water challenges.



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