Take it with you – integrated solutions for mobile devices

February 11, 2019


The revolution in electronics is bringing greater functionality to mobile devices. With 5G and AI well in view, the smartphone and its future forms will become an even stronger conduit to future connectivity - bringing greater functionality than any of us can imagine.

Customers need partners who understand broad material sets, and can design the materials to work better together, dramatically reducing their time to market. The depth and breadth of our materials sand expertise, and our ability to reliably supply these materials, is enabling powerful chip sets, speed, miniaturization, slim form factors, thermal management, flexible substrates, minimal power consumption, durability, vibrant displays and more. 

Some of DuPont’s materials and integrated solutions used to enable the development of today smart phones and other devices are:  

  • Solderon™ BP TS 6000 Tin-Silver – Production-proven, lead-free solder for wafer bump applications requiring high reliability

  • Intervia™ Copper – High-purity copper for pillar and redistribution layers in advanced packaging applications

  • Intervia ™ BPCR-I 4500 Photoresist – Bump plating resist compatible with packaging metals and easy to remove

  • Microfill™ EVF 15 Acid Copper –  Exceptional microvia filling performance on high-density-interconnect applications to enable miniaturization

  • Pyralux® TA/TAH/TAS/TAHS copper clads and Pyralux® GPL adhesive - Excellent low loss performance that meets high-speed, high-frequency needs for mobile devices 

  • Ikonic™ CMP Pads and Optiplane™ 2300/2600 CMP Slurries – High-performing materials customizable to meet the most stringent chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) process requirements for advanced node semiconductor manufacturing.

  • NTO™ and CTO™ Overcoats – spin-on overcoat formulations used in conjunction with photoresists to improve 193 and 193 immersion lithography processes.

  • EKC580™ CuSolve™ Post-Etch Residue Remover  – production-proven cleaner used after dry etch process steps in semiconductor copper metallization scheme.

For more solutions to today’s connectivity challenges, explore our website or contact us.

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