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DuPont discusses future of displays at China Display Technology Conference

Kathleen O’Connell
Global R&D Director, Display Technologies in Electronics & Imaging

Sponsored by leading Chinese display manufacturers, the bi-annual China Display Technology Conference (CDTC) was held September 19-22, 2018, in Gu’An New Industry City (south of Beijing), where event host Visionox has newly expanded manufacturing and R&D facilities.

During the conference, industry leaders delivered 16 keynote speeches, and four technical sub-sessions were held covering 73 oral presentations that addressed LCDs, OLEDs, device & equipment, and new display technologies. The conference brought together more than 600 participants from around the globe representing the entire flat panel display industry supply chain, both upstream and downstream.

One of these sessions was a discussion panel on the future of displays chaired by Dr. Xiuqi Huang, Visionox chief technology officer, comprising a number of executives from throughout industry and academia. Major participants included:

  • Fred Chan, SID Fellow and professor, Hong Kong Jiaotong University
  • Zheng Xu, professor, Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Xibing Shao, senior vice president, BOE
  • Julian Zhang, fellow, Boeing
  • Kathleen O’Connell, Global R&D Director, Display Technologies, Electronics & Imaging
  • Dong Fu, CEO, Juwha
  • Shengdong Zhang, professor, Tsinghua University
  • Matsumoto Ryuichi, senior sales manager, Canon Tokki

In response to Dr. Huang’s question, “How do we manage to cover so many display technologies?” Ms. O’Connell responded:

“We have active programs in LCD, OLED, QD, LED and flexible technologies. We leverage a large global team, developing a pipeline of new materials. By partnering with our customers, we ensure that we are working on the right problems and try to focus our efforts within each technology.”

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Kathleen O’Connell, Global R&D Director, Display Technologies in Electronics & Imaging, participated in a panel on the future of displays at the 2018 China Display Technology Conference (CDTC) held September 20-21 in Gu’An, China. 

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