DuPont OLEDs, Display Materials Earn Awards from China Partners

January 13, 2020

DuPont and BOE partner on first-ever exclusive BOE Innovation Day

In November 2019, DuPont’s display-related businesses received two partnership awards that illustrate the strength of its customer relationships.

Chinese display panel manufacturer China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. (CSOT), a leading TV panel supplier and a subsidiary of TCL Group, awarded the ‘TCL CSOT Co-Growth Award’ to DuPont OLED for its technology and partnership. CSOT, which produces small and large LCD panels and develops OLED technologies, thanked DuPont OLED for its active technology development and cooperation in granting the award.

TCL CSOT presented DuPont OLED with a partnership excellence award

Hyuck-Joo Kwon, DuPont OLED Global Business Leader (left), was presented the TCL CSOT Co-Growth Award by Zhao York, TCL group Vice President & Wuhan CSOT General Manager (right)

The Co-Growth Award represents CSOT’s hope for a continuous strategic partnership with DuPont in the development and production of OLED technology.

In 2018, CSOT selected DuPont OLED as a red host and red prime supplier for red color OLED materials, while preparing for mass production of sixth-generation OLED later than its competitors. DuPont's OLED materials, with their excellent device performance and thermal stability, have contributed greatly to CSOT’s rapid, successful transition into an OLED panel manufacturer.

Having built trust with DuPont, CSOT decided to continue using DuPont's red host and red prime in the production of its new products this year. By using DuPont OLED’s proven red color materials, CSOT was able to ensure process stability and raise yields with no quality concerns.

CSOT stated that it looks forward to continuing cooperation based on DuPont's long experience and broad portfolio of products in flexible OLED, adding that it would not have succeeded in mass production of OLED without high-quality DuPont OLED materials.

“Based on our strong mutual trust built over the past two years, we hope to expand the scope of our cooperation with CSOT to include DuPont's other display material technologies beyond red host and red prime, such as cPI, PDL and hardcoat. DuPont will be a total material solution provider for CSOT in the development of flexible display technology,” said Hyuck-Joo Kwon, DuPont OLED Global Business Leader.

DuPont Display Materials received a partnership award from IVO

Infovision Optoelectronics Ltd. (IVO) named DuPont Image Solutions’ DM Team ‘Best Cooperation Partner’ in 2019

DuPont Image Solutions’ Display Materials (DM) team was presented a ‘Best Cooperation Partner’ award by China’s Infovision Optoelectronics Co Ltd. (IVO). IVO is a leading producer of tablet, desktop and laptop panels; industrial and automotive displays; and other products.

The DuPont DM team recently provided low-temperature patterning over-coating (LTOC) materials needed for the on-cell touch structure for a laptop application in development by IVO. The latest on-cell touch technology is used to attach a touch panel onto the display without a separate touch screen layer, allowing manufacturers to make thinner, lighter screens with low production costs. However, more advanced technology was required for this touch sensor panel because its curing process is performed at a low temperature – below 130 degrees. Ordinary TFT-LCD panels’ curing process is performed at a significantly higher temperature of 220-230 degrees.

The DM team began to work with IVO in early 2018 to provide materials for this process, and developed the IRIS-920 material, which successfully IVO’s needs after a year of discussions and improvement efforts. IRIS-920 can be cured at a temperature below 130 degrees while maintaining its highest quality. This has enabled IVO to save more than 10 percent on materials and improve yields by about 20 percent over materials from a rival company, saving significant processing costs.

In addition, the DM team built deeper trust with IVO over the past year by developing products for IVO based on DuPont's long-time experience and expertise and providing solutions for other problems facing the customer.

The Best Cooperation Partner award represents IVO’s appreciation to the DM team for its development of outstanding products and extraordinary dedication to customer satisfaction. The accolade also signifies the DM team’s successful foray into the area of touch sensor panels; previously, its supply of LTOC was limited to TFT-LCD and OLED array applications. This effort thus raises expectations regarding future expansion of DM’s business.