FILMTEC™ Nanofiltration 8" Elements

FILMTEC™ Nanofiltration 8" Elements allow selective separation of organics and salts for large-scale industrial and municipal water treatment plants that produce greater than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate.

FILMTEC™ NF270-400/34i

FILMTEC™ NF270-400/34i Elements are ideal for utility managers and operators dealing with surface and groundwater and seeking a technology that removes a high percentage of total organic carbon (TOC) and trihalomethane (THM) precursors while having a medium to high salt passage and medium hardness passage.

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  • Production of municipal drinking water


    Provides organic removal with partial softening in order to maintain a minimum level of hardness for organoleptic properties and preservation of distribution networks 
    Delivers high productivity, cleanability and low energy consumption due to its high active area and wide cleaning pH range (1 – 12) tolerance 
    Includes iLEC™ interlocking end caps, reducing system operating costs and the risk of o-ring leaks that can cause poor water quality


  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America