FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ SW30HRLE-370/34i Wet


FilmTec™ SW30HRLE-370/34i Elements are durable, high-rejection, high-productivity seawater elements for use in high-fouling or challenging feedwater conditions, helping to support smooth operations and low cost of water.

Benefits of the FilmTec™ SW30HRLE-370/34i Element include:

  • A wide 34-mil feed spacer to lessen the impact of fouling on pressure drop across a vessel and enhance cleaning effectiveness.
  • An active area of 370 ft2, maximizing productivity and enabling accurate and predictable system design and operating flux.
  • Utilization of the distinct iLEC™ Interlocking Endcaps that help to reduce system operating costs and reduce the risk of O-ring leaks that cause poor water quality.
  • Effective use in permeate-staged seawater desalination systems without impairing the performance of the downstream stage.
  • High performance over the operating lifetime without the use of oxidative posttreatments. FilmTec™ Elements are more durable and may be cleaned over a wider pH range (1 – 13).
  • Automated, precision fabrication with a greater number of shorter membrane leaves reducing the effect of overall fouling and maximizing element efficiency.





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FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements can separate salts from water and are designed to reduce capital and operational costs of large desalination systems that produce greater than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate. With a wide range of membranes available to meet various system design requirements, our RO products combine excellent membrane quality with automated precision fabrication, taking system performance to unprecedented levels.