FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ SW30XFR-400/34 Wet


DuPont Water Solutions offers various premium Seawater Reverse Osmosis (RO) Elements designed to improve system uptime and plant reliability which ultimately translate to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). FilmTec™ Elements combine premium membrane performance with automated precision fabrication, which takes system performance to exceptional levels.

FilmTec™ SW30XFR-400/34 Elements are designed specifically to handle biofouling in seawater desalination plants. Elements are equipped with advanced fouling-resistant and cleanability features, helping plants reduce the number of chemical cleanings, while maintaining high rejection and low energy. Benefits of the FilmTec™ SW30XFR-400/34 Elements include:

  • Fouling-resistant design, reducing the number of chemical cleanings by more than 33%.
  • Durable membrane chemistry, maintaining stable and high rejection despite repeated chemical cleanings.
  • Low element differential pressure, improving system hydraulic balance.
  • More effective and efficient cleaning of biofilm, organic compounds and scale, achieved through the widest pH range in cleaning (pH 1 – 13), made possible by the most advanced FilmTec™ RO membrane sheet available today.





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FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements


FilmTec™ Wet Seawater Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements can separate salts from water and are designed to reduce capital and operational costs of large desalination systems that produce greater than approximately 10 gpm (2300 L/h) of permeate. With a wide range of membranes available to meet various system design requirements, our RO products combine excellent membrane quality with automated precision fabrication, taking system performance to unprecedented levels.