Separation of Hydrogen from Liquid or Vapor

Hydrogen can exist as a gas (H2), as a proton (the hydronium ion, H3O+) that is associated with other atoms or molecules, or as part of a very wide variety of compounds. Hydrogen forms more compounds than any other element. The compounds that hydrogen will form can best be accessed in this index by the other elements in the compound.

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Hydrogen, as a proton, exists as solvated ions in protic acids. Acidity can be removed from water-based solutions with an acid absorber like AmberLyst™ A21 Anion Exchange Resin.

Acidity can be removed from organic solvents with AmberLyst™ A21 DRY Resin. This resin has been dried to 0.3% or less retained moisture to optimize the resin’s contact with the organic solvent and minimize issues with solvent compatibility.


Removing Lubricants from Compressed Gasses


Since H2 gas is often used in a compressed form, it may be contaminated with compressor lubricants.

AmberSorb™ V493 Polymeric Adsorbent has been shown to work well to remove these compressor lubricants from compressed gas streams1 and AmberSorb™ V503 Polymeric Adsorbent could also be tested for comparison.




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